Community Engagement

Service Learning connects our academic curriculum to community problem-solving. Meaningful volunteerism not only actively prepares our students to be civic leaders but also reinforces the curriculum. Community engagement projects often originate with students and align with their interests and their studies. After engaging in field projects, students reflect on what they have learned once they are back in the classroom.

Our Service Curriculum culminates in a senior year grade-wide trip abroad. On past trips, students built shelters from recycled plastic bottles and concrete for local residents in the Dominican Republic and learned about organic coffee farming in Guatemala.

One Book-One Wolcott

Every summer, the school as a whole reads the same book. It is always related to an aspect of global citizenry. We begin our school year with vibrant discussions and assignments related to the reading as each grade level brings its unique understanding and perspective.

“There is a tradition of service at Wolcott. Every year, we visit many different organizations, donate our time and energy, and start to understand how we can be part of something bigger than ourselves.”
– Wolcott Junior