Communications & Design

Many of the videos you see on this website were filmed and produced by the Wolcott Media class and after school media club.  We are fortunate to have a full suite of cameras, equipment, and media-based computer workstations to achieve professional results.  Students enjoy learning about how “the magic is made” by having the opportunity to do it themselves, with the help of experienced teachers.

Photography in general has been transforming at lightning speed, in our age of screens and social media. Wolcott instructors work with students to study what we say with photography and how images communicate.  By learning about the medium in an artistic sense, students can gain more control over what they do with cameras in the age of the selfie. An understanding of the history of photography can inform where this generation takes the next artistic steps.

unPacked is Wolcott’s student published art and literary journal.  Students work with teachers or on their own and submit poetry, short story, essays and visual art. Students are part of the entire production and publication process.

TEDx Wolcott is a student organized event which showcases nationally recognized speakers as well as Wolcott students and alumnae.

“Wolf Media gave me the hands on experience I needed to know I wanted to major in film at college.”