Excellence in the Arts

Visual—Performance—Music—Written—Dance. Arts flourish at Wolcott. Arts clubs offer membership and space to those who desire to create visual, performance, and written expression. Students taking any of our arts electives during the school day often collaborate with students participating in after school clubs. Art, Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, and Music Production/Engineering, Poetry, and We All Live Here are parts of our Arts club offerings. 

Many of the arts clubs participate in Winter and Spring Showcases, featuring student curated works of art from the disciplines of Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, Voice Ensemble, Poetry Club, Media Studies, and Theater. Theater Students participate in Master Classes and Workshops conducted by industry professionals. In addition, some clubs compete with other Chicago area high schools, gaining exposure to various performance practices and approaches. Students who participate in Performing Arts clubs make a commitment to rehearsals throughout the school year, and adhere to a rigorous performance prep period prior to showcases.

Enjoying Chicago’s robust culture

Exploring Chicago and its many cultural treasures is a regular part of our student life experience. Chicago’s art scene is as expansive as our students’ imaginations. Visits to museums, galleries, performances, and studios are part of the fabric of the curriculum.