Clubs and Affinity Groups

Our selection of student-driven clubs is deep, diverse, and dynamic.  A true reflection of our student body! 

We are committed to strength-based education. That’s why we encourage students to explore opportunities beyond the classroom to deepen their current passions as well as discover new ones. 

Clubs offer a way for Wolcott students to create connections, collaborate with others, take on leadership roles, and just have fun. Interested in more than one club? That’s what we like to hear. 

Here is a sampling of our Clubs and Affinity Groups below:

Asian Culture Club, Black Student Union, Jewish Student Union, Latino Student Union, Feminist Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Social Justice Club and Animal Rights Club.  

Our Erase the Hate and The Beloved Community initiatives demonstrate how our clubs impact school culture. These initiatives, led by our student affinity groups, Leadership Teams, and Arts & Innovation Department, engage the entire school in performances, assemblies, peace rallies, and art installations. The overarching goals are to promote community involvement and use assembly, conversation, and celebration as vehicles for encouraging unity and empathy in and out of school. To further their reach in the community, these groups often set goals of participating in related service projects.