Academic Coaching

Much more than a study hall, Academic Coaching fosters a culture of caring about academics in a relaxed environment. Included with tuition, it is staffed by faculty across the specialities, and is on-going and regularly available. Academic Coaching offers students the opportunity to review material that requires more clarification or just complete homework – with academic experts to help. 

Academic coaching may also be assigned by any faculty member who finds assignments are being missed or for students who need extra support in a particular class or subject. Learning Strategies, a required class, and Academic Coaching, an additional resource, support success for the rigorous four-year college prep curriculum that Wolcott delivers.

At a Glance

  • Academic Coaching is offered M–Th after school from 3:30–5:00pm
  • Led by our faculty
  • Teachers are available to help in all content areas
  • Available by drop-in or referral
  • Open to all students
  • Included as a part of tuition
  • Optional, not a required class
  • GOALS: assist students with assignments and homework

Academic coaching really helps me. Before leaving school, I can get answers to any questions that I have. I never go home and struggle. 

—Wolcott Student

Before Wolcott, the stress of homework and expense of tutors was exhausting. Wolcott has changed that. The teachers take care of it and my daughter feels so much more confident.