Gerald Doyle

Internship, Career, and Transition Coach

BA, University of Chicago
M.Ed., Harvard University

Across a 35-year career in higher education including Emerson College, Illinois Institute of Technology, The Tuck School at Dartmouth College, and the University of Chicago, Gerald Doyle has focused on creating strategic initiatives that deliver research-driven and student-focused approaches to learning and career outcomes. Grounded in Chicago with extensive international experience, Doyle embraces equity, inclusion, diversity, and well-being to guide leadership in life and work. 

Most recently, Doyle served as Vice Provost for Student Access, Success and Diversity Initiatives & Career Services at Illinois Tech (2006-18). In 2017, Student Employment Office was named Illinois Tech’s “Department of the Year” for the reimagination of its training modules and programming; moreover, Doyle prototyped Illinois Tech’s inaugural work in the areas of Continuous Improvement and formed the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Employer Engagement. Doyle has previously taught economics and mathematics in Tanzania; he currently serves on the advisory boards of two Chicago-based startups as well as several others throughout the U.S. Gerald teaches Business Entreprenuership, Applied Economics, and Internship at Wolcott College Prep.

As Career, Internship and Transition Coach, Doyle’s services are available to Wolcott students and alumni. Friends of Wolcott and others seeking these services should visit the Tyree Institute: Career Development & Job Search Services to learn more.