Avery Cohen

Computer Science, Engineering, and Robotics

BS Indiana University

Avery has a BS in Business Management from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. He has an extensive background in business computing, ranging from software start-ups to some of the largest global enterprises. His experience includes designing solutions and managing teams for data warehousing and business intelligence projects. In 2000, Avery co-founded a marketing technology consultancy, helping marketers create and execute digital marketing strategies. Throughout his career, Avery has written and presented papers at technical conferences, led workshops, and mentored staff and interns. Avery joined the staff at Wolcott School in 2019 as a Computer Science teacher. He has two sons, one in college, the other a graduate. When he’s not working, Avery is traveling the world with his family, exploring the neighborhood with his dog, or enjoying the Chicago theatre scene with his wife.