Nicholas Aszling

Social Studies

BA, Oberlin College
MA, George Washington University

Nicholas Aszling was born and raised in Chicago, but his parents once read that people who go out-of-state for college are more likely to feel comfortable living out-of-state later in life, so they insisted that he and his older brother “broaden their horizons” by applying to schools all over the U.S. (except in Illinois, obviously). Though his brother ended up moving back to Chicago right after college anyway, Nicholas proved the research correct, earning his BA in Religion at Oberlin College (in Ohio) and his MA in American Studies at George Washington University (in Washington, D.C.) before moving to New York City to become a social studies teacher. Over the next 8 years, he taught almost every subject that high school social studies departments tend to offer at a diverse range of independent schools, from Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan to Fontbonne Hall and Léman Manhattan Preparatory School. Outside of school,
Nicholas enjoys traveling, reading comics, and spending time with friends and family. He is also an avid old-school gamer, and loves few things more than disappointing students that challenge him at Street Fighter or Mario Kart expecting an easy win.