Working at Wolcott

Wolcott is an exemplary college preparatory high school for students with learning differences, tailored to the strengths and aspirations of each student. Employing best practices, our expert faculty is committed to helping each student achieve academically, communicate effectively, and grow socially as well as develop the self-awareness, confidence, and resilience to thrive in college and beyond. As valued members of our intentionally diverse and close-knit community, Wolcott students cultivate their interests and talents and develop a sense of purpose and responsibility to themselves and others.

Wolcott College Prep does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, or religion in the administration of its hiring policies.

7 Reasons to Teach at Wolcott

You are defined by the company you keep. At Wolcott, we know that teaching as usual just won’t cut it. Our culture is built on the collaboration, flexibility, and learning innovations that we build every day to serve our students. Wolcott teachers are experts in their fields, many with advanced degrees in their specialty area. We strive for an upbeat, positive environment to model for our students.

A culture built on collaboration and innovation. The key to our success is innovation and we practice it in everything we do. With innovative workspaces, classrooms that support both immersive and group work, learning technology – not to mention a collection of diverse and smart minds – our collaboration sessions are both stimulating and effective. This combination results in creative, out-of-the-box ideas that are changing the face of education.

Competitive Pay. Teaching is hard work. We expect a lot from our teachers and staff and we are fortunate to have highly trained and motivated people working together at Wolcott. Do you have what it takes?

Well resourced. Our student to teacher ratios are low, which helps us give students the attention they need and deserve in high school. Wolcott teachers focus on academics and delivering a rich curriculum. We recognize that to do a good job, teachers need access to the right technology, field trips, and the materials needed for experiential learning. We value teamwork and seek teachers who enjoy sharing their own interests through leading clubs and teams. We have the administrative staff and student life professionals to support students in many ways. Teachers use Google classroom for the purposes of structured homework assignments and to post review work from the classroom.

Diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We are proud to support diversity and inclusion throughout our community. It is an important part of our mission. We recognize that a culture that celebrates individuality and leverages differences is essential. Simply put, a workplace where people feel valued and included is a place where people soar.

Make a positive impact. We foster leadership in teachers who look to discover new ways to help students who learn differently. We encourage practices that protect the environment, support local communities, and have a positive impact on society. Wolcott is a proud recipient of the US Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools award for our sustainability practices.

Professional development. Tyree Institute is an example of one of our generous donors creating the space for lectures, webinars, and learning opportunities for professionals and parents. It educates the Wolcott community and the community at large. It creates an opportunity for professionals to exchange ideas. Wolcott has deep experience in adolescent development, educational practices, and learning differences. The Tyree Institute helps us export our knowledge for the betterment of students everywhere.


Wolcott College Prep does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, or religion in the administration of its hiring policies.

Open Positions for the 2024-25 School Year

High School Spanish Teacher
Administrative Communications Assistant
Computer Science Teacher and Technical Support Representative