Physical Education

Wolcott is committed to offering a strong athletic, physical, and health education program. We believe that dedicated time for physical movement daily increases focus and enhances learning.

Wolcott offers students a place where they are able to build their strengths and fitness while exploring physical activities to engage in for the rest of their lives. We pride ourselves in the variety of sports and fitness opportunities we offer. Students are exposed to team sports, duo sports, group fitness, and weight lifting, to name a few. Wolcott students take PE all four years of high school (exceeding the Illinois State PE requirement of two years) because we consider it a vital part of the learning process. Our PE Department is structured so that students continue to build on skills acquired in the previous year. We consider PE to be a place where students develop physically, mentally, as well as socially.

Our Physical Education curriculum emphasizes fitness and overall wellness as opposed to focussing on sports and gameplay. Students are expected to play a larger part in their learning by creating their own work-out routines and officiating over their own games. Our students are grateful for the opportunity to have PE regularly. We know because if you ask our young alumni, they will tell you that the PE at Wolcott is “excellent”.

Wolcott Wellness

The following PE programs start in 9th grade and follow through to 12th grade.

This course engages students in individual activities and team sports with components of whole wellness integrated into activities. Individual activities may include dance, yoga, and fitness. Team sport activities may include basketball, handball, hockey, pickleball, eclipse ball, and badminton.

PE II builds upon student knowledge of individual activities and team sports. Wellness components are integrated into activities. Individual activities introduced in Physical Education I are explored in greater depth. Team sport activities build upon sports introduced during Physical Education I. Game strategies for American sports are explored and European sport games are introduced. Team sport activities may include basketball, handball, hockey, pickleball, eclipse ball, badminton, tchoukball, broomball, and soccer.

This course focuses on individual wellness and individual sports. Students explore wellness concepts in depth and tailor fitness plans to individual goals. Wellness components may include outdoor activities, yoga, dance, low-impact cardio, weightlifting, interval training, and fitness testing.  Students apply knowledge from team sports to develop game plan for Individual sports. Individual sports may include archery, badminton, tennis, bocce ball, bowling, and self-defense.

This course provides accurate and up-to-date information on health issues, including alcohol, drugs, and nutrition, which will enable students to make decisions regarding healthy behavior. Health Education is a totality of experiences that may influence knowledge, attitudes, and practices, and should eventually be reflected in everyday living patterns.