A winning strategy.

The power of athletics is proudly on display at Wolcott. Competitive teams. Highly respected coaches. State-of-the-art facility. Everyone gets to reap the benefits of playing the game.

Athletics Program

How do athletics develop a student’s overall high school experience? 

Teamwork. Character. Confidence. Health and well-being. Community-building.

Wolcott’s philosophy of diversity, continual growth and achievement, and the development of the individual’s greatest potential play a significant role in our athletic program. But the most powerful thing about sports? They are fun. With a purpose.

Competitive and inclusive, we are serious contenders on the Chicago independent school sports scene with three regional winning teams.  All Wolcott athletic teams have a no-cut policy that allows students to participate in any sport they choose.

The Wolcott Athletics program gives students a place to shine. Students are able to complete a challenging college-prep curriculum and participate in athletic activities at the same time. Wolcott faculty is able to help students balance their academic priorities with their athletic goals.

State-of-the-art Facility

Wolcott has its own state-of-the-art athletics center with a regulation-size gymnasium, professional-grade sound system, and spectator seating. There is also a private weight room with rowing machines, TRX equipment, and a variety of free weights along with other athletic equipment. Our basketball program even has a custom shooting machine!

“We have two children who experienced the Wolcott sports program. One is now in college and participating at a varsity level, and the other, still at Wolcott, signs up for every sport that fits in her schedule. Sports at Wolcott are competitive and fun. The program is well organized, has fabulous coaches and great community support.”