Learning Strategies

Understanding how students learn best is critical to their academic success. That’s why we actively teach it. Unique to Wolcott, Learning Strategies is a required course that meets just as often as other academic classes, through all four years of high school. Guided by a Learning Specialist, students meet in small groups and individually to develop valuable organizational, testing, and study skills.  Learning Specialists also strategize with other faculty to make learning meaningful.

Learning Specialists work with individual students to:

  • Create and track individual learning plans, focusing on strengths and challenges
  • Develop strengths and understand learning styles
  • Impart strategies to achieve academic success
  • Guide the development of academic skills
  • Model problem-solving
  • Facilitate collaboration with faculty
  • Promote self-advocacy
  • Reflect on their individual growth and progress
  • Develop metacognition (ability or awareness of how you think and learn)
  • Conduct student-led learning plan meetings
  • Use technological tools to enhance executive function and academic skills 

Workshops include:

  • Executive functioning
  • Growth mindset
  • Reflections on teachers comments
  • Interview skills
  • Self-awareness
  • College essay writing and the application process

Learning Specialists collaborate with faculty across the curriculum and content areas to:

  • Create deeper curricular connections
  • Embed strategies and scaffolds into classroom instruction
  • Develop individualized approaches for students when needed

Average size of

Learning Strategies class 

5 students


of Wolcott Learning Specialists possess graduate degrees