Our faculty: A powerful whole.

Our teachers are experts in their fields. Thoughtful in their classrooms. Collaborative in their faculty teams. These relationships allow them to connect all the learning dots.  Freedom allows them to set expectations high. It all comes together as a powerful whole.

Learning Strategies Everyday
Technology with a Purpose

Strength-based Teaching and Learning

To lay the foundation for success in college and beyond, we foster academic mastery. Our strength-based teaching approach helps us find each student’s sweet spot for learning—and then we build on it. Small classes across the curriculum, mandatory Learning Strategies classes, an expert team of educators, and close teacher-student relationships are just some of the keys to our students’ success.

Our collaborative faculty, anchored by each student’s learning specialist, offer strong supports to foster student engagement with our rigorous curriculum. As confidence and competence build, Wolcott uses a scaffolded approach to remove the supports gradually. We know from our seniors’ academic success and self-awareness that they are college ready. 100% of our graduates are accepted into colleges of their choice, often with substantial merit-based scholarships.