True community.

You know that feeling when you’ve found ‘your place’? Our teachers have found the students they love to teach. Our students have found the teachers they love to learn from. And our parents have found a school that gets it.

Welcome to
Wolcott College Prep

We hear it all the time — Wolcott transforms lives. We hear it from parents and guardians, students and siblings, grandparents and professionals. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wolcott College Prep. By learning more about us, you will begin to understand what makes our school transformative.

At Wolcott, we structure our programs so that our students engage in both a rigorous academic curriculum and robust extra-curricular life. We believe that a balanced high school experience is of critical importance to every student. To foster academic success, we offer small classes where faculty teach to students’ strengths, encourage collaboration across the faculty and academic disciplines, and integrate leading edge technology. Extra-curricular offerings are broad and student-driven, with opportunities in leadership, athletics, service, and so much more.

Whether it be through our sports programs or service learning projects, our four-year learning strategies or college counseling curriculum, it is apparent to all who visit that Wolcott’s environment helps us all rise to our highest potential and prepares our students for success in college and beyond. Every day, I am impressed and inspired by our students and faculty and the value placed on achievement, hard work, commitment, kindness, and generosity.

I am always eager to talk more about Wolcott and welcome you to explore this website, or better yet, schedule a time to visit our campus.

Miriam Pike, PhD